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I have fun in writing, here my recent articles (all in german)

Android programming

While implmenting the image detection of the AndroAngelo-App, I learned a lot of tweaking a smartphone to high performance: Droidenlauf (iX 2012)

Eclipse project setup

All of my android apps have a PC-Client, which is used while development time. How to split the eclipse projects ist described in Projekt-Setup für die Entwicklung kommerzieller Android-Applikationen (Heise Developer 05/2013)

5S in the computer based office

The 5S (Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardise and Sustain) principles from the lean philosophy can be applied in the computer based office. Thinking of the computer as the logic extension of the physical workplace opens a space for improvement using 5S principles. Gut sortiert! (iX 09/2013)