Turn Your Smartphone into a virtual studio

Welcome to AndroAngelo

Turn your Smartphone into a virtual studio. Create virtual sculptures with Your Smartphone.
All you need is a fast smartphone (i.e. Currently the Samsung 9000 is tested), this app and an object representing the chisel (e.g. a textmarker).
The moves of your chisel representative in the real are tracked and transferred into moves in the virtual studio.
Instead of fumbling around with splines and 3D primitives in 3D tools, You just form your ideas in a virtual studio!

The free Version is now online. The pro-Version will be published after first experience in the field. The pro-Version will have an export to .obj-files.

V3.0 - Mar 23, 2013
- Implementation of Touch-Mode, use the touchscreen instead of the camera-controller
- Creation mode offers coloured creation
- Test with Android 4.2
- Unlocked landscape mode for tablets
V2.1 - Feb 18, 2012
- Performance and memory-need improvement. Improvement of surface smoothing.
V2.0 - Feb 12, 2012
- Major improvement of the rendering module, normals are smoothed
- Extended support for preview-sizes of galaxy-tabs
- Fix for crash at screenshot function
- New background (no background)

Sculpture of the week

The export postprocessed with Daz3D


See how it works:

To get a good chiseldetection, calibrate frequently:

Here the showcase of creating a simple sculpture (Note: The stuttering of the movie is not the app, but the low framerate of the ADK screen movie capabilities)

How to get it? AndroAngelo is
Available in Android Market